Cast list for TPL Summer Play "Frogspell"

Congratulations to our talented teens! The following students have been casted for our summer play, Frogspell

Misty Malverin - Eliza Sawyers
Kermit - Sydney Goldstein
Officer Waldo - Monica Shah
Abner Malvern - Michael Secora
Lucille Biv - Nadia Aguirre
Aunt Helga - Tyra Teague
Roy G. Biv - Michael Turle
Lou the UPS Guy - Alexandria Callahan
Penny Money - Mira Shah
Uncle Herman - Matthew Senvisky
Albert Einstein - Drew Wagner
Gabby Gesundheit - Amanda Prendergast
Gerald - Erik Kneisel
Geraldine - Allison Prendergast
Anura Einstein - Marley Fagin
Brewster Worthington Prince IV - Rick Mansfield

Stage Manager - Eve Cervenka

We will let you know when scripts have arrived.  You will need a signed Actor’s Contract in order to pick up your script.  Those will be found on the library’s site next week. (This is the same for Zombeo and Juliet).